Our First Look at Business in Japan

Hey Luther friends! Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. I’m currently writing to you from a karaoke bar that we were invited to by one of our Luther alumni, Makito “Mak” Sugiyama, in Shibuya, a district of Tokyo famous for its fashion and shopping. 

Our day today was filled with incredible experiences, starting with a visit to the Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, or TBS, led by Makito, the chief vice president of global business for the company. Mak was gracious enough to allow us a tour onto the stages for live broadcasts, including a first hand look at the weather green screen stage. Not only did we visit the broadcasting stages, but we also had the chance to tour both the concert venue many famous artists for TBS perform at as well as the Akasaka ACT Theater, which hosts anything from theater performances to variety acts 300 days out of the year. 

Shortly after, we were treated to a 7-course meal at a Chinese restaurant in a huge building owned by TBS. We had the chance to try many Chinese specialty foods, ranging from Chinese pickles to boba gummies in coconut milk. After our morning with TBS, we hopped on the subway to a corporation called SMBC Nikko Securities Inc., where we were had the pleasure of meeting the deputy head of international business, David Schaefer. We had the chance to discuss how the business world works for employees in Japan and learned about how the life of a business employee happens. 

After a successful day of visiting the businesses and traveling around the city, we were able to meet up with Makito in the Shibuya district for karaoke where we enjoyed tunes from our favorite artists. Check back in tomorrow to hear about our next adventure!

The main news stage in the TBS broadcasting station
Author Samantha Mitchell in the Shibuya district of Tokyo