A Taste of University Life in Tokyo

Greetings from Tokyo! Today started with a 20-minute walk to Toyo University. We had a special lecture given by Professor Yong-ge Liu about Japanese growth and Japanese-style management after WWII. This was followed by a lunch reception and discussion with him and students from the business school at Toyo University. The discussion was a lot of fun because we talked about topics such as school uniforms and expected business attire, jobs and pay, and even music and social media. Many students exchanged social media contacts to keep in touch! After the discussions, we split up to go sightseeing in groups led by the Toyo students.

My group went to the Ueno Zoo, which stars Japan's famous giant pandas. We were also able to see many other animals such as monkeys, elephants, polar bears, bats, and even giant birds and cranes! The other groups went to places such as the Asakusa Temple, Tokyo National Museum, Meiji Shrine, Akihabara, and the fish market! So many stories, but we don't have enough time to tell them all!

After, we reconvened at a coffee shop in the train station for a quick snack before heading back to the hotel, where many people split up to go out for dinner. It seems that food will definitely be a common central interest! We had a business lecture tonight with Professor Tony Mutsune. I am sure many people will be off to bed right after, as we are still trying to catch up with the 15-hour time change!

Keanna Belau, author
Giant pandas in Ueno Zoo