Goat Blood, Kidneys, and Medicinal Soup... OH MY!

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Our last boma experience in Tanzania was at the home of one of our guides, Musa. His boma is located in a beautiful area called Eluwai, named after the small thorny acacia plants found all around.

Our second day in Eluwai, we were able to partake in an afternoon of Orpul, a healing ritual used by warriors to rest and regain strength. When going to Orpul, warriors spend an average of 2-3 months sacrificing the livestock they contribute in order to eat massive amounts of meat throughout their stay. We tested the strength of our stomachs as we sacrificed a goat and witnessed how every single part of the animal is used. The bravest members of our party ate kidney, fat, head, and blood while the rest of the animal was roasted or put into a pot to make the broth of the medicinal soup they wash the meat down with. This concoction of medicinal herbs consumed in very large amounts makes warriors shake and sweat, feeling like they have the power to do anything: even kill a lion.

No worries parents, we only had a small taste, we won't be strangling Luther squirrels when we return to Iowa. This was an incredibly unique experience that even most Maasai women have not participated in, so we were very honored to partake in it.

It was a beautiful day to experience Orpul.
Goat meat roasting on an open fire