Don’t cry for us Argentina

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Three weeks ago we boarded a plane to embark on a new adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yesterday we began our long journey back to the United States and (unfortunately) colder temperatures. Throughout the past three weeks our group has spoken, eaten, and toured our way throughout the thriving and beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

Friday was the start of the bittersweet ending as we said goodbye to our teachers at ECELA and graduated from the program. This weekend, we spent our last few free days touring Tigre, a town towards the northern part of Buenos Aires. A relaxing boat ride down the river allowed us to get a better glimpse of the small house and what life on the shore of the river might look like. The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering through the Mercado de Frutos, which is essentially a large market made up of local artisans and other Argentinian shops. Sunday was our last full day in the city which many individuals spent meandering around different markets, eating ice cream and procrastinating packing.

In addition to saying goodbye to the city that became our home, we said goodbye to our host families who so graciously welcomed us into their homes and made us a part of their own family throughout the past month. As we reflect on our last few weeks, I asked members of our class to recall their favorite memory, food, or activity from the trip to share with you. Below are some for you to enjoy!

Marta Williams '19, Biology

There is so much I am going to miss about this country - the delicious food, tea, especially desserts, the relaxed pace of meals that leaves room for conversation. Additionally, the way you unintentionally get tons of exercise since walking is the primary form of transportation. Most of all though, I’m going to miss the people here and the way they turn impersonal interactions, like buying a souvenir, into an engaging conversation.

Sophie Haugland '20, Elementary Education & Spanish

There is nothing like immersing yourself in another country’s language. After this month all I want to do is return to Argentina and also visit other countries. The people in Argentina are all so kind and full of life, which makes it sad to leave. What an incredible experience!

Emma Johnson '20 International Studies & Spanish

Despite the fact that the trip was a little less than a month, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I had an experience and would highly recommend to anyone considering going abroad. I learned an immense amount about the country, language, and culture in Argentina. I also have a second family to stay with when I return in the future!

Lucas Emerson '19, Social Work & Spanish

These past few weeks in Argentina have made for an incredible learning experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I was able to enjoy the busy lifestyle of Buenos Aires, as well as the relaxed nature of Uruguay. I will always remember the kindness and beauty of the Argentinian people (and that tricky accent, too)!

Landon McNamer '19, Elementary Education & Spanish

My favorite part of the trip was definitely watching the sunset as a group on the rocks in Colonia. I feel like we really got closer as a group that night.

Sarah Wyatt '20 Elementary Education & Spanish

I am so glad that I decided to go on this amazing trip. I learned a lot about the Argentine culture, and grew to love the people and places we got to see and know. My favorite part of the trip was definitely the people. They were all so nice and I know I will never forget them!

Three weeks, two countries, and one unforgettable experience. It has been such a privilege to blog for you throughout the past month. Thanks for following along on our journey throughout Buenos Aires!



A picture of our group in a Colonia, Uruguay - one of the big highlights from the trip.
Part of the delta in Tigre.
Sarah (‘20) and Emma (‘20) pictured with their host family. Not pictured, the super cute dog that also belonged to their family.