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Hola a todos!

We've had quite a busy last week here in Buenos Aires. It's been quite artsy. We went to Museo de Arte Latinoamericano en Buenos Aires (MALBA) on Wednesday. MALBA had a lot of cool art and was hosting a Mexican art exhibition, which featured pieces by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Some paintings we got to see were Fulang-Chang y yo by Frida Kahlo and Río Juchitán by Diego Rivera. It was an amazing experience to get to see paintings by such famous and influential artists! We had tons of fun exploring the museum and seeing other works of art by artists we didn't know. I found it amazing how people can pick up a paintbrush or pencil and make something so beautiful and inspiring to so many people around the world.

Today, we had a tango class at ECELA (our Spanish school). It was super fun although at the beginning it was a bit awkward. I thought learning how to tango was going to be a disaster because I am one of the least graceful people you will ever meet - I fall going up stairs and over flat surfaces. However, it turned out that it's quite easy. It's a lot of swaying with a partner and stepping backwards and forwards. We spent a lot of time learning the rhythm of the music and dance, which is super important if you're going to do it right. The tango is about feeling and improvising, according to our instructor. We all had tons of fun and were completely exhausted afterwards.

We'll be having our last adventures in Buenos Aires this weekend before we leave Monday evening, so stay tuned.

Hasta luego,


"Fulang-Chang y yo" by Frida Kahlo
"Río Juchitán" by Diego Rivera
Clase de Tango! We're clapping to the song's rhythm here.