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After a full week of classes and activities, Sunday was a day of much needed rest. Here in Córdoba, I am staying with a woman named Julia and her tiny chihuahua, Paris. When we first met our host families just over a week ago, I knew right away I was with Julia because she said “I have the vegetarian!” She is incredibly hospitable and welcoming, and when I return to her apartment each night it feels like I am coming home to my own house. Up until Sunday, I was usually only home for breakfast and dinner since our days are jam-packed with adventure (and learning), so it was nice to spend the entire day with Julia and experience a day in the life of a local.

We began the day with breakfast at a café with some of Julia’s friends. The place was full of laughter and warmth and the smell of freshly baked bread. Both Julia and I ate a typical Spanish breakfast: toasted bread with tomato and olive oil. It was absolutely fantastic! So fantastic in fact that many of us returned the next day for lunch.

Following breakfast, Julia and I stopped by the market to buy fresh veggies to make paella, a classic Spanish dish. We spent the morning cooking and chatting in her cozy kitchen. The paella turned out amazing and we ended up eating it for lunch, dinner, and dinner the next day! It is one of my favorite meals here thus far.

The rest of the day Sunday was spent relaxing. We walked Paris twice, watched a movie, ate our paella masterpiece, and I worked on some homework for the upcoming week. Overall, it felt like a normal Sunday and I felt at home here in Spain for the first time. Other members of our class climbed the tower of the Mezquita (Mosque) on Sunday and really enjoyed it. From the tower you can see nearly everything in Córdoba, including the mountains surrounding the city. I climbed it myself of Tuesday and agree that the view is breathtaking.

We are now well into our second week of classes at the Academy and currently learning about the Civil War and post-war era in Spain. We also have had our second lesson in Flamenco and I am happy to report that there was major improvement! Unfortunately, at the end of this week we will finish our classes at the Academy and have to say goodbye to Córdoba and our families, but there is still much fun to be had before that time, including a tour of the famous Patios de Viana. Then, it’s off to Madrid!

This is Paris! I am still working on gaining her trust, but here was a rare occasion where she let me take her photo.
The tower of the Mezquita in Córdoba.
Katrina and Elizabeth at the top of the tower of the Mezquita.