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This week was another busy one filled with fun and a lot of good food. We all had interesting stories to share about our days on the ride home from school and at the dinner table. This week we had many good meals including, fried rice, burgers and homemade pizzas.

Wednesday, January 17th

There was an assembly at Roosevelt Elementary on Wednesday to celebrate many awards the students received. Awards such as making the B honor roll, good attendance, and good behavior. The band even made an appearance playing their drums in front of all of the students and their parents. Students this week were taking their quarterly language arts test too. Many of us got to help proctor the test. 

Thursday, January 18th

On Thursday at Catherine A. Miller School, there was a parent culture night that three of us attended. It was so fun to meet the families of the kids in our classrooms. During the evening there were lots of activities for the kids and their families to do. For example, Navajo Bingo, weaving, a motivational speaker, and a delicious meal for everyone. One of the most popular activities was the star lab. The star lab is a big blow up dome that kids crawl inside. Once in the dome, projections of stars and symbols appear all around them. It was definitely a hit.

Friday, January 19th

On Friday night, we celebrated the end of the week with a dinner in Gallup. We went to a restaurant called Genaro’s Cafe. The food was excellent and enjoyed by all. We ordered the green chili and cheese fries which were a spicy treat. Another big hit was the sopapillas, which is made from a tortilla-like dough that is fried until puffy and a small air pocket makes up the center. In New Mexico, sweet sopapillas are especially popular and are covered in honey or powdered sugar.

Overall, its been a busy week and its going to be a fun-filled weekend so we are all resting up tonight for the flea market on Saturday!

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The outside of the star lab at Catherine A. Miller Elementary from parent culture night.
The green chili and cheese fries from Genaro’s Cafe.
The sopapillas from Genaro’s Cafe.