An African Massage

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Good morning all! Thus far, we are all healthy and happy, with intact digestive systems thanks to our fabulous chef Ally.

Sunday  morning we attended the church of the Maasai we stayed with. They  actually postponed their New Years celebration so they could include us  in it. Their choir was beautiful, but the music was very different than the Lutheran hymns most of us are used to. We had a break during the day, when it was incredibly hot, but in the evening, we visited inside the boma for the first time, where we were served a delicious tea that even those who do not like tea enjoyed.

This  morning, we broke camp and headed out for the Giraffe Eco Lodge. On the  way, we stopped at the Women's Bead Project. The Bead Project gives women an additional way to earn money for their families by selling all sorts of different jewelry and decorations. In addition, they are also working to install new stoves in the homes of the Maasai women so that  they can cook more efficiently. The project is new and still in the beginning phases, but it is having positive support in the community thus far.

The ride to camp was incredibly bumpy, but gave us the chance for lots of wildlife  viewing. Lunch was a picnic at the Footprint of God, a huge crater that  gave us an excellent chance to stretch our legs. The conclusion of the ride was even bumpier, giving us what is apparently known as the "African Massage" the entire way to the campsite. When we got here, we were able to swim, do laundry, and take a shower, which after three hot sweaty days was much appreciated.

See you next time we have internet!

Popcorn snack in the afternoon
A view from camp
Our beautiful camp at the Eco Lodge
Olivia and Killing'ot relaxing this afternoon
Hard at work on our essays