LinkedIn and the Computer History Museum!

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Today, I was thoroughly surprised, impressed, and welcomed by LinkedIn and their buildings in Silicon Valley!

First, we were welcomed to their impressive facilities with a sign welcoming us to their facilities, which is the first one we've received! Their hospitality was refreshing and very much appreciated.

We met with several people while we were there, but the primary people I talked to during my experience was Della and Greg McMillan (Della is an alumnus from Luther College), who shared their main pieces of advice: if you never try, you will never know whether you succeed! And they are also very aware that working for big companies isn't for everyone, and with hard work, you can find what you are passionate about and pursue that path.

I asked Greg about one piece of advice he would give for a senior graduating this spring (besides building connections on LinkedIn), is to find your niche, and make yourself as unique as you can. When an employer reads a resume, they only see things that you have done, but that doesn't give an idea as to what kind of person you are. Therefore, giving them any indication as to who you are and what kind of person you are is extremely helpful!

There was definitely a keyword that was emphasized during this visit: passion. Finding what you're passionate about, and changing your entire occupation to follow that passion is huge, and that often means following a roller coaster of a path in jobs. But finding what you love, learning from it, and letting that drive you forward, is one of the key things they emphasized.

After our visit to LinkedIn, we visited the Computer History Museum, which was so cool in every regard, there were so many artifacts in this museum that revolutionized how the entire world computed, and it was cool to see the different ways that computers were developed and invented.

We have our visit with Benetech tomorrow, a nonprofit organization, which is very different from anything thus far!

Excerpt taken with permission from Erik's blog.

Standing in front of the LinkedIn welcome sign
Happy to be at LinkedIn!
Checking at old computers at the Computer History Museum