Welcome to the Future

During J-Term 2018, 286 students and 29 program leaders will participate in one of Luther's 17 courses around the globe. Although it's impossible to keep up with everyone, these blogs are designed to provide glimpses into our students' adventures.

Take a look at the course descriptions, itineraries, and leaders to learn the details of each exciting trip. Most importantly, read the blogs to experience life alongside our traveling students.

J-Term Highlights

Check out these highlighted posts about unforgettable moments, lessons learned, and life-changing experiences!

“Your car’s onboard computer will tell streetlamps if there is ice on the ground, and the streetlamps will turn red. Your house will learn when you leave for work and when you return, and will turn off heating when you aren’t home to conserve energy. Internet will be beamed to your cell phones and data center will be underwater.”

The most uplifting and exciting part of studying sustainability for me is the new technologies being created to solve issues. Studying humanity’s effect on the world is certainly depressing and it can make the most optimistic person feel despair. At our site visit of Ericsson, all of this apprehension seemed to dissipate! Although Ericsson is a very old company (dating back to Bell’s patent of the telephone - 1876!), it is dedicated to improving the world. As a leading telecommunications company, it has donated its expertise in setting up communication in remote areas of the world. Additionally, the company has grandiose plans for the 21st century… and beyond! Instead of developing more technologies, Ericsson believes it is necessary to be “smarter” with our use of current technology. I, for one, am looking forward to a future when my household tree is connected to the internet!

After the uplifting morning session, we ate at the nearby Kista Galleria before being turned loose for the rest of the day. Since our time in Stockholm is running unfortunately short, we walked around Gamla Stan to resist the urge for a nap! I adopted a Dala horse from a thrift store (score!) and some of us ate a large snack at a Nutella store (yes, you read that right- an entire store dedicated to Nutella).

More adventures await us in Oslo! This is us signing out here in Stockholm. We'll be back in a bit!

P.S. Speaking of the future:

Be sure to check out our iCloud Gallery! We have over 200 pictures that have been contributed by many people on the trip! This stream is updated twice daily so be sure to stop by!

On tour in Ericsson, in front of a new energy-saving internet tower.
A presentation of the first 5G phone at Ericsson!
Lunch at the food court down the street from Ericsson!