January Term 2018 Course Blogs

During J-Term 2018, 286 students and 29 program leaders will participate in one of Luther's 17 courses around the globe. Although it's impossible to keep up with everyone, these blogs are designed to provide glimpses into our students' adventures.

Take a look at the course descriptions, itineraries, and leaders to learn the details of each exciting trip. Most importantly, read the blogs to experience life alongside our traveling students.

J-Term Highlights

Check out these highlighted posts about unforgettable moments, lessons learned, and life-changing experiences!

Our group at Lido Beach in Venice. Photo by Dr. Amy Weldon.

Looking Back

Having arrived home, your intrepid bloggers reflecting on the past months adventures. 

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Testing the structural stability of the igloo Abby, Eliza, Kristina, and I built by standing on top of it.

A Farewell to Holden

Goodbyes are tough, and saying bye to Holden Village, the Cascade Mountains, and my friends in order to rejoin "civilization" has been that much tougher so far. 

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