Gallup-ing around town

Hello again!

We had a bunch of fun on our weekend adventure in Arizona!

On Saturday we got up early and headed for Canyon de Chelle National Park in Chinle, AZ. It was an icy and snowy hike. The path was actually quite close to the ledge and that was terrifying. We hiked down the canyon and saw the White House Ruins, which were really cool to see. The view was absolutely breathtaking. After our hike, we went to a local restaurant and most of us ordered a Navajo Taco, which is fried bread with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and beans. We also tried fried bread for the first time and the consensus was that it was delicious. The restaurant was also very interesting as there were vendors inside that would come up to the table. It was neat to see all the jewelry that people had made. 

On Sunday we toured Hubbell's Trading Post. The history behind John Lorenzo Hubbell and the trading post was interesting to learn about. The Trading Post had chickens, a turkey, churro sheep, a llama, and two horses. I think the animals were our favorite part. After Hubbell's, we went to Window Rock Tribal Reservation and had lunch and hiked a bit through the mud. Our hike was full of mud since the snow had begun melting. We also had the opportunity to check out the flea marker in Window Rock. It's amazing seeing what people are able to make with their own hands and what they do for a living. It really is a different place here in Gallup.

The rest of our weekend was filled with laughter, games, and stories. Though we had a fun adventure this weekend, we're happy to be back in the schools. 

Until next time,


Our trip to Canyon de Chelly.
Canyon de Chelly
White House Ruins
Our group at Hubbell's Trading Post