Hello friends, family, and other curious people!

Today was our first day in the schools. There are seven of us in an elementary school, one in middle school, and three in high school. For three of us at Catherine A. Miller elementary school had placements with teachers who no longer worked at the school or in the district, which took a little bit to sort out but we do have placements. It was the first day back for students and teachers alike after winter break so the kids are still getting back into the swing of things and remembering appropriate school manners. None of us have any complaints though, our first day was a unique and positive experience. We swapped stories about things we did and the funny things the kids did while we were driving back to our dorm. We are all excited to be going back to our classrooms tomorrow and getting to know the teachers and students more. 

Since arriving in Gallup on Saturday evening, we have gotten background checks and fingerprinted (which involved more time playing games than actually getting fingerprinted), we've gone to Walmart to grocery shop, went on a walk, and just hung out in the dorm. We truly have a great group and are ecstastic to experience the rest of J-term.


Until next time, 

Abby Cornejo


A group photo before heading off to our respective schools.
Some of the view.
Grocery shopping trip #1.