A La Tierra Del Encanto (To the Land of Enchantment)

After a full day of travel, flying from Minneapolis to Phoenix and then driving the rest of the way, our group of twelve has arrived safely at Rehoboth in Gallup, NM, our home for the next 20 days. Along the way, we have bonded over trying to fit all our luggage plus ourselves in a fifteen passenger van, swapping riddles, and planning our dinner menu for the week. We are all pretty tired, but are settling into our new environment and getting excited for the next few days! Tomorrow we will go to get fingerprinted and background checked so we will be cleared to go into our respective classrooms on Tuesday. We are also excited to start our adventures in the "Tierra del Encanto, or "Land of Enchantment," the official nickname of New Mexico. We have already gotten to see a bit of the scenic beauty which inspires the nickname and can't wait to experience more of the state's unique culture created by its Hispanic, Anglo, and Native American roots!

Until next time,


One last look at Minneapolis as our plane takes off
Our group of twelve at the airport after arriving in Phoenix