Welcome to the blog for the J-Term trip to Holden Village! In just a few days, a group of Luther students along with Professor Steve Holland will begin our adventure.

About the Blogger

My name is Allie Martin and I am a senior majoring in accounting and political science. I also sing in Cantorei and am on the leadership team for Dance Marathon. Some of my favorite memories at Luther have been from travel experiences during J-Term, and I am incredibly excited to spend my final J-Term at Holden Village.

About the Trip

Holden Village is a retreat center tucked in the mountains in Washington. The village was originally a mining community, but it was gifted to the Lutheran Bible Institute in 1958 which marks the beginning of Holden as it is known today. Holden’s history as a mining community had environmental repercussions, including some that were addressed in a mine remediation process that was completed earlier this year. Our focus of study for the month will be environmental policy, and given Holden’s history it seems there is no better place to discuss this topic. In addition to our studies, we will be immersed in Holden’s community, which is committed to learning, worship, re-creation, and hilarity. If you want to learn more, check out Holden Village’s website.

Holden’s remote location means there is limited access to the internet. I apologize in advance that my blog posts may be somewhat irregular. I will do my best to update the blog, as I am sure we will all be excited to share what we have been up to. Check back here starting January 3rd. It should be a great month!


Holden Village in the winter. The average yearly snowfall is 270 inches.