A World Miles Away Connected by the Stars

Update on the Hospital


            We are all here in Trujillo, Peru studying Spanish medical terminology, and we were fortunate enough to have some time to observe in the Regional Docente Hospital (Teaching Hospital) here in Trujillo. At the beginning of this week however we had a slight change in plans. Instead of observing at the hospital in the morning, we are having presentations about different areas of medicine in Peru. These talks have allowed us all to get a unique perspective on the differences in Peruvian medicine in consideration to areas like; alternative medicine (use of herbs and home remedies), social work, and physical therapy. We have enjoyed having these informative sessions that connect to many of our interests. Here is a short reflection on my experience observing in the hospital.

            "I really enjoyed spending our four days observing in the hospital because it gave us all a chance to get to know a little bit about the normal routine of how it works here in Peru. I was lucky to spend time in the surgery area with Annie Holtz and Bailey Pohlman. We got to follow three interns who were following a Doctor, Carlos Avabache. Dr. Avabache took us under his wing when the interns had to do a lot of their paperwork and explained topics to us. We were very fortunate to have created this relationship, because at the end of the experience on Monday, we left not only with beneficial knowledge about the hospital process but also with a new friend. Overall, we were lucky to have seen a lot in an area we had an interest in. The change to learning about medicine in Peru in a different way was beneficial for us, as it allowed our group to learn about specific areas of medicine that apply to the interests of individuals in our group. This also gave us a guided structure of learning the information that hopefully we can use to better understand the new perspective we gained from our four days in the hospital. Overall, we are thankful for the opportunity in the hospital but are also grateful for an environment that allowed us to expand our knowledge." -Kjerstin Nelson



Reflection on Daily Life


            It is quite amazing that the world can be so big and yet we can all look up at the night's sky and find some similar stars. My three host sisters and I spent some time laying together on a mattress out on the patio and gazing up at the stars. The night's sky here in Peru has many different constellations, but I was surprised to find a few that I knew! The belt of Orion was clearly visible overhead for us and it brought me many good memories of seeing this constellation back home. It is truly such a simple action that can occur anywhere in the world without the need of any tool or money. While simple, this action can unite us all. Staring gazing for all of us contained memories as well as a feeling of being just a little bit closer to a friend or family member far away who could be looking at the same star at the same time. This was such a beautiful moment with my host family because it brought clarity to the realization of how similar we all are as people no matter where we come from or where we are.

            Daily life as I have experienced it here in Trujillo, Peru consists of a yummy breakfast, going to school, taking a long break for lunch (during which most members of my host family return home to eat together), a bit more school, doing homework in my host home, eating a delicious dinner and spending time enjoying the company of my host family. All of these actions are fairly equivalent to life back home in Minnesota/Iowa/Wisconsin, with the exception of the duration of the lunch hour. Having the time to get settled in to a life here in Peru has made the experience take root, deep in my heart.

            Many of us have been having quite a fabulous time with our host families and for the most part enjoying the challenge of communicating effectively! Stay tuned for more stories from individuals about their cherished moments with their families in the next blog. For now, here is a small update as a sneak peak to the incredible stories. Anna Larson was lucky enough to get the chance to try her hand at surfing! Her family took her to the beach and she picked up the new skill. She said, "it was very fun, but very difficult when all of the instructions are in Spanish".

            One fun adventure for me was to have the chance to go out Salsa Dancing with my host sisters. My host mom made me a bracelet, earrings and a necklace that matched my dress so that I could feel absolutely beautiful on the dance floor. This has been one of the most precious moments for me thus far, and what a beautiful night to learn some salsa!


A Saturday's Adventure

            Tomorrow we are going to have an exciting day filled with getting to know the lay of the land three hours north of Trujillo. We are heading to a museum to see the Señor de Sipan. It is a museum where we will be able to see mummies and their tombs and artifacts! We are sure going to learn a lot on our last excursion! We will have lunch and then have some more time at a beach. We will be soaking up the sun while we can before returning to the US!

            However time is flying by so fast. We fly out this Tuesdays, and it is approaching rapidly! Many of us are trying to make the time to cherish the experiences together and with our host families. While we are excited to be heading home soon, all of us feel that we will have a part of Peru in our hearts forever!


            In the next blog we will be officially saying goodbye to our Peruvians lives and heading back to the homeland. See you all soon! ¡Besitos!

A presentation of the options for alternative medicine in Peru. We learned about the herbs that are often used here in the form of infused tea to cure aliments.
After listening to a presentation about the history of religion in Peru we participated in an activity of trying to understand the Inca's thinking, but imaging what our modern gods today would look like. Check out our representations.
Our dance class learning the Peruvian traditional dances of the Marinera, Festejo and Huayno.
Our meeting with the school's, El Cultural, President.
Anna becoming the master of surfing!
Outfit ready for Salsa Dancing, complete with earrings, necklace and bracelet, hand-made by my host mom!
A preview to the sights we will see when we take a tour of the Señor de Sipan!