We have arrived!!! Llegamos a Peru

Hello family, friends, and readers. We have landed!

We had a short flight to Dallas then made our connection in 40 minutes. The 6 and a half hour flight to Lima went well with the best sleep we could get. We landed safely and successfully found everyone's luggage. By 6:00am we were all settled onto a bus heading to our hotel in Miraflores.Now we truly begin our adventures in Peru. ¡Vámonos!

Our itinerary is as follows:

We will spend our first few days touring Lima, Peru (Jan 4th - Jan 6th).

Then we are flying to Cuzco, Peru to see Machu Picchu. There we will discover the rich history of life in the Andes Mountains and a look back to the time of the Incas (Jan 6th - Jan 9th).

Finally we will fly to Trujillo, Peru (Jan 9th - Jan 24th) where we will spend our days with a host family and observe in a hospital.

At the end of the trip we will travel back to Lima, Peru on Jan 24th and fly home on Jan 25th. We will touch back down in Minneapolis at 1:00pm on Wed. Jan 25th ready to share our story!


Our general schedule on the trip will consist of getting to know each other the first few days and doing some sightseeing, then once we arrive in Trujillo we will settle in with our host families and begin a daily routine. During our homestay we will spend 2 hours observing in a specific department of the hospital that aligns with our individual interests for the first 2 hours of the day. Then we will attend our Spanish class and discuss medical terminology and other such topics. We will break for lunch then have a 2 hour cultural class that may consist of things like a dancing lesson and discussions of religions and politics.

Continue to join us as this story unfolds. We will try our best to make a post whenever we arrive to a new location. In some of the places we will be visiting there may not be access to internet, so don't be afraid if we don't make a post! Everyone on the trip is excited to share our experiences with you. Throughout these 3 weeks we hope to give you an accurate insight into our trip and Peruvian life!

¡Somos emocionados!

We made it safe and sound to Lima, Peru
Those goofballs
A picture of our hotel in Lima, Peru!