The Last Goodbye

     Now we say goodbye on the last day for this class. It's been a great experience learning about the differences and similarities of the schools we visited in Jamaica and in the U.S. We also looked at the ethical dilemmas that are common between the two context, and how they each approach it. 

     During our days in Jamaica and in the U.S., we looked at public schools. When we visited the schools, there was a list of things we were always looking out for. We looked for the conditions of the classroom and its arrangement, the noise level and if the noise was due to participation in class or not. We also looked to see if it was a 21st century curriculum and how the students were being taught. We observed the relationships between teacher to teacher, student to teacher, and principal to teacher. Along with that, we compared the things we saw with our elementary, primary, and secondary schools we attended growing up.

     Although, none of us students are education majors, we learned about the different ways that education could be approached. During this class, some of the students were thinking about the teaching profession. Now that we've read Linda Darling-Hammond's book, attended our lectures from various speakers, and visited the schools we did, we now have the ability to start creating change. One of the ways to begin, would be by telling others about our experience and the things we learned.

     It's been a great month, but now it's time to say goodbye. It's been fun sharing images and blogs about our day. I definitely recommend future Luther students to take this class the next time it's available. It leaves you with a whole new perspective on education in the U.S. and elsewhere. Have a wonderful day!!!