Last Days In Jamaica

     The last week in Jamaica was amazing, but also sad because we had to say goodbye to Jackie. She was an amazing cook, not just because we haven't had Jamaican food before, but because she had us try something new and we ended up loving it. We all said good bye to Jackie the night we had our last dinner in Kingston. She was also sad to see us leave, but told us we would have fun in Ocho Rios. The morning that we were leaving on the bus, Jackie sent with us a carrot cake that she made. It was very delicious. We truly miss her. Throughout our journey in Ocho Rios, she always mentioned her when we talked about food.

     The last school we visited was Lister Mair/ Gilby School for the Deaf. At the school, we were introduced to deaf students, and students who were half deaf. We were also introduced to the teachers. I thought it was nice to see teachers that were deaf, teaching the students. Most teachers were not deaf, but were able to understand the students to certain extent. I talked to two of the teachers, and they talked about having a hard time teaching proper grammar to the students. The interesting think we learned about the deaf students is that, when they write a sentence, they write the verb first. So, the teachers try to correct them by teaching them how to write proper grammar.  We were given a tour of the campus by one of the teachers, she was able to take us into all the classrooms to observe some of the students hard works. Several of the classrooms we entered, the first question the students asked the teacher was, if we were deaf as wel. Later, on our tour, the teacher mentioned to us that, the students wishes for more deaf people in the world because there are too many hearing people. That was an "aww " moment for us. It was very impressive the amount of teaching that is done at that high school. The teachers really care about the students. 

     One of the highlights of our stay in Kingston, Jamaica, was that Jeremy was able to meet Usain Bolt. In order to stay in shape, Jeremy would go down to Bolt's track and exercise. He was determined to taking a picture with Bolt before leaving Kingston. For those that do not know who Bolt is, he is the fastest runner in the world. So the night before we left, Jeremy came to dinner saying that he was able to meet Bolt. He was very happy and felt accomplished. The Bolt track was only a couple blocks from where we were staying. 

     We are having a wonderful stay at the Blue House. It is a very beautiful place. For my last blog I didn't put much pictures of the blue house, so I decided to do it for this blog. Around the blue house, we see lots of birds chirping and flying around, especially the national bird of Jamaica. Well, this is all I have for now. Enjoy the pictures, and until my next post. 


Our last goodbye to Jackie
The students during the Performing Arts class. "Only students that want to participate and have the ability are selected".
Empower to Elevate, Safeguard Our Deaf Students.
A teacher, and also our tour guide was showing us the notes that the deaf students take in class.
Jeremy Redmond and Usain Bolt.
The Blue House Hotel. The place we stayed at in Ocho Rios.
Pool view of the Blue House
White flowers at the Blue House
Our cook at the Blue House. They call him the barefoot chef, I wonder why?!