Saying Goodbye to Jamaican Homemade Food

Today, I want to talk about the Jamaican homemade food. As you all know by now, our cook for our stay in Kingston, Jamaica was Jackie. She is a Jamaican woman who is related to Wintlett, one of our professors. Today we had to say goodbye to Jackie, that means no more of her amazing food. She is missed by all of us. This is a very short blog because most of the description of the foods that are posted are linked to the picture, so please check those out by clicking on the picture. I've listed word for word, with the help of Jackie, the different foods we ate at supper time. These are only some of the foods we had throughout the weeks. They were all very delicious. Jackie made sure we tried every type of local food in Jamaica. I'm pretty sure I've gained at least 15 pounds throughout our stay in Kingston because of her.

Saying goodbye to Jackie
Jamaican dinner on January 12th
Jamaican Dinner served on January 13th
Jamaican dessert served on January 13th
Jamaican Dinner on January 16th
Jamaican Dinner on January 17th
Jamaican Dinner on January 18th