Schooling in Jamaica


The "Schooling in Jamaica and the United States" class will be adventuring both Chicago and Jamaica. Booyah! On January 4th, we will be on our way to Chicago, spending lots of bonding time on the bus, since we will have A LOT of hours on the road. On January 5th we will be on our way to Jamaica. We are all excited to begin our journey. Did I mention we will be in Jamaica?!? Arriving to a 90 degree weather, experiencing a whole different culture and food... fresh seafood, with two lovely leaders, Jeannette Pillsbury (Education) and Wintlett Taylor-Browne (Diversity Center). Stay caught up with all the fun activities and places, that will be posted on this blog, of all 12 students on this Jterm trip. It will be a great month!

Course Description

For this class, students will visit Jamaican and US schools to observe how stakeholders in each context think about and address concerns related to academic achievement. The course presentations, lectures, and discussions will focus on how culture, language, race and class affect students' educational priorities and opportunities in two different national contexts. Students will articulate and grapple with cultural and ethical challenges facing Jamaican and US schools while exploring the underlying social, political.

About the Blogger

Jenny Woods is a Junior at Luther College. She is a Biology Major, and is involved in intramural sports, Chemistry Club, Health Club, and Collegiate Choir. She is an international student from a Honduran Island called Roatan, Bay Islands. She is an islander that loves seafood (very excited for Jamaica). She loves taking selfies, and singing in front of random people at random locations. At Luther, Jenny works in Admissions as Office Assistant and Ambassador of Luther. She enjoys socializing with strangers (kids, do not try this at home) and talking about her experiences from Summer Honduras to Cold Iowa. Jenny loves sleeping in the library and learning new things. She plans to check off Jamaica from her bucket list.

Jenny Woods