Tell the World We're Coming Home

We have safely arrived at the Oslo Airport! After a train ride from Lillehammer to Oslo and going through security, we are patiently awaiting our plane to London. From there we’ll have a nine-hour flight back to O’Hare and a bus back to Luther. All in all, today includes approximately 28 hours of travel!

Aarhus, Malmo, Stockholm, Oslo, and Lillehammer and all our stops in between have included insightful and fascinating experiences for all of us. As we travel back Stateside, many of us will be working on our final papers asking us to reflect on what we have learned and plan for the future we would like to see in the world. The rest of us will be catching up on some lost sleep and trying to avoid jet lag!

All in all, the trip has been wonderful. While we are sad to say “ha det bra” to Norway, I am excited and hopeful to watch us continue to evolve as change makers back home.

More to come when we arrive in the US!

Neve is one happy camper at the airport!
Waiting to find our gate