Time to Explore Oslo!

As our time in Oslo came to an end, we were lucky enough to have a free day to explore the city. Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the upper thirties, so there was no excuse to not be outside and experience Oslo firsthand!

I started the day by checking out some of Oslo's best museums; first the Nobel Peace Prize museum and then The National Gallery. The Nobel Peace Prize museum was a great place to learn more about the inspiring work that the recipients of the award have done in their life. There was also a small exhibit about UNICEF and how they got started and the impact they have on underdeveloped countries. They included an example of their "school-in-a-box" that had the most necessary material to teach 80 children. The box was also able to be transported easily, so teachers in areas of conflict are able to teach wherever. My next stop was the National Gallery, which is home to many Edvard Munch paintings. Of course, I had to see the famous "Scream" and "Madonna," but my favorite Munch painting that I saw was the "Dance of Life."

After visiting the museums, I boarded a boat for a tour of Oslo’s fjords. The boat used to be a transporter of bait for fisherman back in the 1950s, but it now serves as a popular tourist attraction. Even though the sun was out and the weather seemed pretty mild, it was the exact opposite on the boat. I was frozen to the bone, but the hot chocolate and the beautiful views made it worth it. The boat brought us to views such as the Oslo Opera House and colorful summer homes on small islands, as well as the seaside neighborhood of Akker Brygone. 

I decided to end my day by taking the metro up to Holmenkollen. Holmenkollen is a popular Ski resort with a ski jump that is visible from almost anywhere in Oslo. We were told to check out the views at sunset up there, so we did just that. However, I did not have enough energy to go all the way up to the top of the ski jump. I made it about half way up and found a perfect spot to take pictures of the view of Oslo, and of course the colorful sunset. 

It was a busy day filled with taking in all Oslo had to offer, so I built up quite an appetite. After Holmenkollen, I decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe in the center of Karl Johans Gate and get a cheeseburger and french fries for dinner (probably the most un-Norwegian thing I've done on the whole trip). It definitely hit the spot, but it made me a bit homesick. Then I heard a Norwegian newscaster talking about Trump and quickly changed my mind.

Learning about the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize
UNICEF's "school-in-a-box"
Edvard Munch's "Dance of Life"
View from the boat on the fjord tour
Beautiful sunset at Holmenkollen