Hello from the Other Side


After a bus ride, two flights, two trains, and a snowy walk through downtown Aarhus, we have arrived at our home for the next few evenings! We are at a lovely hostel in downtown Aarhus, Denmark. It is 7:30PM here, and while we are still adjusting to the time difference, we are all doing well!

So far, we have noticed that the train system in Denmark is much different from the system in the United States. The trains are quiet and fast, making almost no noise as they speed along the track. We also noticed several bicyclists making good use of the separate biking lanes in the cities. It gets dark quickly here, faster than back in Decorah! The weather is pretty similar, we have a light snow dusting and chilly winter weather.

For now, it is dinner time, so I bid you Farvel! Stay tuned for more posts from your friendly J-Term bloggers.

All of us before boarding our flight in O'Hare