Greetings From Your Friendly Blog Coordinator

Hello! My name is Samantha Clements and I will be the blog coordinator for this J-Term Study Away program. I, along with 11 other Luther students and two staff members, will be traveling to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to study sustainable and resilient models of living! The course will cover everything from visiting eco villages and Swedish prisons to listening to Norwegian Parliament MP Karin Andersen. We are hoping to learn from these models in order to start change back home, and are so excited for the trip to start!

This first blog post is an introduction to the course and your blog coordinator. I am a sophomore at Luther College studying Political Science. I also have a great interest in environmental awareness and sustainability on a global level. Hailing from Aurora, Illinois, it was interesting for me to come to Decorah and realize how much greener and more local this town was from my hometown. I have found my niche in the Center for Sustainable Communities at Luther College, participating in and advocating for environmental awareness and conscious conservation living among students. I am taking this course because I have heard wonderful things about the Nordic countries’ sustainable endeavors, and want to see it firsthand. As a political science thinker, I am interested to learn how policy has developed and how public health and social policy have interacted with and impacted environmental policy. My personal goal is to see if I can take this knowledge home to live more mindfully as an individual and a member in the Luther College community.

This blog will be written by me and my wonderful classmates, so you will get to hear from many different perspectives! Please check back every couple of days to see what we have been up to. Can’t wait to be in Copenhagen in two weeks!