All Roads Lead to Rome!

We Made It!

After many long hours of traveling with minimal amounts of sleep, we have arrived in a Rome! We checked into our lovely hotel in the middle of the city on Wednesday afternoon and spent some time getting settled in. After that, we took a short walk to the train station and ate dinner at the Mercado Centrale. We then walked to a supermarket by our hotel and spent the rest of the night relaxing and socializing together in our hotel until we went to sleep.

Thursday's Activities

Colosseum and Forum

This morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast of croissants, cheese, Nutella, fruits, and coffee. We then took the metro to the Colosseum, which was a truly incredible experience! We learned about both the structural and visual aspects of the structure, as well as its unique uses in history being both an entertainment venue and later a source of housing for the otherwise homeless. We then walked across the street to the Roman Forum, stopping to admire the Arch of Constantine on the way. Walking through the ancient ruins and preserved temples of the Forum felt like being transported into another world, giving us a glimpse as to how Roman citizens used to live and the spaces they interacted in. This was probably my personal favorite part of the day!

Campo de' Fiori

After a very busy morning, the group was starting to get tired and hungry, so we decided to walk to Campo de' Fiori, a bustling market square a short walk away from the Colosseum, to get some lunch. Most of us decided to have pizza at Forno, which was incredibly busy, but definitely worth it. I don't know what it is about Italian pizza that makes it so delicious, but it was incredible! After we ate, some of us explored the square and walked back to the hotel while others took a walk to the river.

Centrale Montemartini

After a couple hours of free time, the group met up again to take the metro to Centrale Montemartini, a museum featuring mostly Greek and Roman busts and sculptures, but also displaying unique fish mosaics and the actual train car a Pope used to ride in many years ago. We started our first sketches here, which was lots of fun and made us all excited to visit more museums through the trip! We stayed at the museum until it closed and then walked to dinner at Angelina's. Here, we all had delicious meals including pasta, lamb, pizza, and, the star of the evening, tiramisù.  

Buona Sera!

After a long day jam-packed with activities, we are all very tired and ready to rest up for another full day. Ciao!

You already know what this is!
The group in front of part of the Forum!
Best tiramisu that exists probably.
Pasta served in gigantic bowls at Angelina's!