Novel Adventures Await Embarkment

It's almost the New Year and J-Term is quickly approaching! In a few short weeks we will be embarking on our trip to Europe! We're your bloggers, Morgan King and Kelli Emerson, and we are anxious to write about our experiences on the Tolkien and Lewis J-Term program to Northern Ireland, England, and France. 

We are gathering our things and getting ready to leave, saving extra room in our suitcase for special mementos. We have a list of magnificent readings for the trip and we are excited to open our books and begin! During our travels we will be reading The Lord of the Rings  by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Magician's Nephew  and Out of the Silent Planet  by C.S. Lewis. These authors were close friends and even helped each other write. As we read, we'll be visiting the places Tolkien and Lewis lived, fought in World War I, taught, and wrote. The long plane ride will be very helpful as we all get to know each other and begin our readings!

About Us 

Kelli here! I'm a sophomore English major and Linguistics minor. I'm involved in SAC Concerts and a new Luther organization, Norse Against Sexual Assault (NASA). I'm excited to learn more about the brilliant authors we'll be studying on the trip, authors I've been reading for years. It's hard to believe we'll be walking in the footsteps of authors I've loved for so long! This will be my first time blogging and my first time abroad, so you'll be having this experience with me. I can't wait to read, hike, and explore with this wonderful group of students!

Morgan here! I am a sophomore at Luther and I am absolutely loving my experience so far. I am studying English and Education in hopes to have my own High School literature classroom.  I am a Luther board member for Habitat for Humanity, I tutor ESL classes in a nearby community, and I am a part of Teachers for Social Justice. New experiences have led me to my greatest discoveries and I am extra excited to explore countries I have yet to visit. The exploration Kelli and I, along with many other wonderful Luther students, will embark on will enhance our love of adventure through incredilbe writing and magnificent story-telling.  I could not be more anxious to flip through the pages of more amazing books and take new steps in unseen places.

Our countdown is winding down! We are about to open to the first page of our books and take flight! We hope many anxiously read of our adventures as we continue to make our way through page-turners and through Europe! 

Your adventurous readers and enthusiastic bloggers,

Kelli and Morgan


If there are any questions, suggestions, or comments that you would like to send to Kelli or Morgan, please send emails to [email protected] and [email protected]

Morgan exploring a magnificent, little bookstore.
Kelli Emerson enjoying Phelps Park in Decorah.