Nafplio: The Home of Dancing, Dining, and Dogs

Hello friends and family! Thanks for taking the time to check in with us! We've had a wonderful time in Nafplio the past few days! We're off to Isthmia today, but before we depart, take a quick peek at Hailey Hanson ('17), Jackie Cychosz ('18), Cailin Higgins ('17), Colin Eral ('17), Erin Halverson ('19), and Grace Gibson ('19) as they share their experiences and reflections from our time in Nafplio. 

Ya sas from Nafplio! For the last few days, we have enjoyed the beautiful sites of Nafplio. We were greeted with sunshine and warm weather and enjoyed some breathtaking view of the city and coast as we explored the castle of Palamidi. We enjoyed traditional Greek food and dancing at our intimate hotel. Some of us are better dancers than others, but learning traditional Greek dances was a wonderful experience!

We spent our day off relaxing at the beach, and despite it being winter in Greece, several of our classmates braved the cold and jumped into the chilly Mediterranean water. We continue to attract a herd of dogs wherever we go, and it's always an adventure as they learn alongside us at ancient sites. We visited the citadel of Mycenae where we discussed Clytemnestra and walked through the famous Lion's Gate. Some of us were even brave enough to venture into a dark tunnel to find the well that the Mycenaen people used when under siege. 

Our next stop was Tiryns, another ancient citadel associated with Heracles. We discussed the portrayal of Disney's Hercules in comparison to the ancient Greek God. We also explored the Sanctuary of Hera where we had an excellent discussion on gender in the ancient world. We ended our final day touring the Semeli Winery near Nemae where we sampled a variety of wines. The winery was situated on a picturesque mountaintop with a stunning view of the vineyards and surrounding countryside. It was the perfect ending to our time in such a beautiful and culturally rich place! 

Until next time! 

EphkharisO, Ya sas! (Thank you, good bye!)

Cailin, Colin, Erin, Grace, Hailey, and Jackie 

The women enjoy learning traditional Greek dances in Nafplio.
The group gathers outside of Clytemnestra's tomb at the citadel of Mycenae.