Delphi Delight

Hello friends and family! We have safely arrived in Delphi, Greece. Hear from Sam Lahey ('18) and Jordan Lawrence ('17) as they share the group's experience from our short, but wonderful time in Delphi.

Greetings from Delphi! We enjoyed our time at Athens and made the beautiful trip to Delphi, a lovely city settled in the picturesque mountains. During our time there we explored the Sanctuary of Apollo.

During the classical period, this temple was considered the physical and spiritual center of the world. We even saw some statues of huge "belly buttons" to demonstrate this idea of centrality. Thus, people all around Europe made the journey to worship at this religious site.

At the site, we learned about the priestess of Apollo, otherwise known as the Pythia, a powerful woman who was responsible for reading the message from the oracle. We also discussed the Pythian Games, the second largest games in Ancient Greece next to the Olympic Games. Our exploration of the sanctuary took us to a Sanctuary of Athena where we discussed her significance in the classical world as well. It was a beautiful afternoon, and our time was well spent in Delphi.

We went to bed content with the adventures of the day and prepared for our travel day to Olympia, Greece.

We can't believe our trip is almost half way through! We're off to bed here in Delphi!

Thanks for reading!

Sam and Jordan

The group at the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi.
Theater at the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi.