It's All Greek to Me!

Greetings from the island of the Crete! After one lost bag and a missed flight, we have all made it safely to Heraklion! The past two days have been full of archeological and mythological adventure. Here's a quick look at our explorations!

Our first night in Crete set the stage for delicious food as we dined together eating a traditional Greek meal. We all went to bed sleepy, full, and eager for the sites to come! During our first two days we explored the Minoan palace at Malia, the Psychro Cave (the mythical birthplace of Zeus), and the Minoan palace at Knossos. Despite the rain and winds, we were able to experience the historical, cultural, and mythical presence in each of these ancient sites.

Our discussions centered on the mysteries associated with the ancient archaeological sites, and encouraged us to use our imaginations as we sought to understand pre-historic societies embellished by oral history.

We celebrated Max's birthday eating traditional Greek pastries, tea, and of course, cake! Max had a great day until Prof. Davis informed him that he would serve as the next human sacrifice at our next ancient site...

He was only kidding. We think.

Thanks for reading our first update from across the world! Stay tuned for more updates!

Brynne and Alaina

The coastline of Crete
The mythical birthplace of Zeus!