"All the World's a Stage..."

About the trip

The full name of our trip is “English Theatre: Mirror of Society and the Human Condition,” and what that means is that we’re going to see a lot of plays, but we’re not just going to watch them; we’re going to engage with them and the issues they raise on a deeper level. Some people refer to this as “the Shakespeare J-term,” yet, while it’s true that we’re going to see multiple Shakespeare plays, we’re also going to see some new, more avant-garde theatrical works.

We’ll spend a considerable amount of time in London, but we’re also going to be traveling to Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, and Manchester and experiencing some of the local traditions, such as panto, a theatrical tradition involving cross-dressing and slapstick humor, and pub theatre.

About Linnea

Hello, everyone! I’m Linnea Peterson, a junior from St. Paul, Minnesota. I’m majoring in economics with minors in math, Spanish, and writing—liberal arts or bust. Some of my favorite activities include reading, writing, and singing, and I’m thrilled to be getting back to London. I was there last year when I went on the In Frankenstein’s Footsteps J-term, and it felt like being in half my favorite books, movies, and TV shows all at once. Baker Street and King’s Cross and Paddington Station—yes, please!

I’m also excited to get to see some of England beyond London; after all, as a Midwesterner, I understand that a capital city is not the full measure of a nation. Plus, like Eric, one of our course leaders, I’m a theatre enthusiast who doesn’t spend a lot of time in the English or Theatre departments, so I think it’ll be awesome to spend a month seeing plays! 

About Jamie

Hello hello! My name is Jamie Linert, and like Linnea, I also hail from the St. Paul area. I’m a senior, majoring in psychology and English with a minor in linguistics. I spent about a week in London in 2015, and while I was there I was most struck by how the city’s history co-exists with the modern world. I’m excited to go back for a longer stay and learn more about London itself, but also to explore new places, like Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, and Manchester.

I’m particularly looking forward to the performances we’ll be seeing. We’ll be attending roughly one play a day, and as an avid Shakespeare fan who has dabbled in theater myself, I am eager to see and discuss these works with my classmates. Our class is made up of people from a multitude of different majors who all have different interests and experiences. The individual perspective each of us has is indispensable, and I’m excited to hear what everyone will bring to the table. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us to learn and grow—I can’t wait to get started!

Trafalgar Square, London
Linnea with some of the most classic icons of England--the tower that holds Big Ben and a red double-decker bus
Jamie in front of the Villa Diodati, the vacation home of famous British poet, Lord Byron
Linnea with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in the National Portrait Gallery
Jamie on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral