Hello From The Other Side

We have landed! Our journey began with a 5-hour bus ride from Luther College to Chicago. Once we made it to Chicago O'Hare airport, we waited 7 hours before we could get ready for our first flight, which was 15 hours. That was a long ride.  We then arrived in Taiwan and spent 3 hours going through security and getting lunch. We then took our last flight, which was only 4 hours, from Taipei to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  

We began our adventures in Cambodia by going to the Ohana Hotel. Some students went swimming, others explored the local areas. We then reconvened and attended a small performance for us by dancers who were able to share Cambodia's history and traditions with us. They even taught us some of the hand gestures and we were able to join in! After we made our new friends, we had a wonderful tapas dinner. We are all back at the hotel and are getting ready for bed early. We have to be well energized for the adventures that are coming!

Luther College students meet with local dancers and learn new cultural dances.
Dr. Char Kunkel greets everyone from Cambodia!
The Ohana hotel, where the students are housed in Phnom Penh