A Little History Lesson

I could get ridiculously specific about the history of Holden Village, but for the sake of time, brevity, and sanity I will try my best to give a nice, encompassing summary. 

Back in 1887, J.H. Holden first looked for copper ore after getting wind of it from his friends. Nearly ten years later, Holden struck it rich finally discovering the copper in the mountains lining Railroad Creek Valley. In the early 1900s, buildings for the miners began popping up. The Howe Sound Mining Company bought the property in 1930 in hopes of furthering their profits. That they managed to do, as they extracted a gross value of $66,000,000 of copper, zinc, silver, and gold during a 19 year stretch. Whooee! A significant drop in the price of copper after the Korean War along with a depletion in the easily reachable metals led to Howe Sound ceasing production in 1957. 

The mining company donated the deserted village to Wes Prieb and the Lutheran Bible Institute in 1960. The rest is history, as they say. By 1970, a loyal constituency had already formed with almost 4000 guests visiting Holden Village that year. Today, these numbers are a little different due to the current mine remediation.

Ahh. But that can wait for another time, my friend. 'Tis snowing at Holden and I must get back to romping around in the fresh powder! Adieu!