Basking in No Technology

Perhaps you notived my lack of blog posting at the beginning of this too. I apologize, but I promise I have a wicked excuse! Perhaps not stellar, but one regardless. 

Truth be told, I didn't want to go touch a computer. I didn't want to even think about using the Internet. In my regular life at Luther, phones and WiFi are abundant. Incessant. Checking updates, emails, and texts can easily trump conversations and going on sweet adventures. Luckily at Holden, I haven't had even the chance to do that. Chatting over tea, going on a snowy snowshoe hike, or even doing my homework (WHAAT) without distractions is the norm....and ooh, am I a fan.

Don't get me wrong, technology has done wonders and can obviously be used for amazing things. But sometimes, it doesn't hurt to take a break in order to recall the absolute BEAUTY that comes with face-to-face conversation, which is around every corner here! Sorry, internet. I had to do a little catching up.

So. There's my excuse. A little dose of the lazy, a small smidge of chitchat with some exceptional people. Thanks for understanding, readers. Keep it real out there.

Airplane streaks into Copper Mountains