New Year, New State!

Hello family, friends, fellow students, professors, and really anyone!

In approximately four hours, a group of twelve Luther students, a professor, and his family will wave good-bye to our not-so-snow-heavy Midwest from the Empire Service train heading to Wenatchee, Washington. Our legs and bodies will be released again before traveling to Chelan, and finally.... Holden Village.

Holden Village is a Lutheran Retreat Center nestled in the Cascade Range where we will be taking an Environmental Policy course from Professor Jon Jenson. When I mean nestled, I mean nestled. There is no direct road to the village. There is no WiFi for the public. No phone service. Just people and nature, folks. Boy, are we excited. We will try to relay our excitement, whereabouts, and safety as much as we can, but due to the limitation of the WiFi network our messages will most likely not be abundant. Rest assured, we will let our readers know when we are nestled in the Cascades.

Hmm. So who is writing this? Good question. My name is Angel Wilford, and I am a senior political science major ready for all that Holden has to offer. I love the outdoors, having nice fireside chats with tea, and learning about how we can best clean up our wee little planet. Needless to say, I am hoping these passions of mine can be opened and explored at Holden Village! Woo!

Choo choo from St. Paul!

Last week: no snow. Bring on the drifts, Holden!