Nearing the End of Our New Beginning

As we are coming to an end to our J-term School Observation course in Gallup, New Mexico, I believe that we have learned and observed plenty and have been touched by the lives of the kids here. Now the real question is: Are we ready to start our journey as future educators? Are we willing to pull through and stand firm in this profession no matter what hits us? Or is this not the path we want to take in the long run?

Courage is Creativity

I was assigned to the middle school here in Gallup, and the first thing that caught me eye on the first day of school was a poster that read "Courage is Creativity". After thinking long and hard about it, it does indeed take courage to be creative, be it student or teacher. The human mind is unkind to new ideas and creativity as we feel threatened when facing uncertainties. We feel content in staying in our comfort zone. However, creativity and innovation is what we expect from people to improve the quality of life.

Teachers Sparking Creativity

It is a constant battle for teachers to get their students to stay on task and to keep their lessons interesting and applicable. Teachers are not only expected to be educators, but also counselors (to listen and help their students when in need), nurses (whenever a student is injured), cheerleader (to support and encourage students), and much more. Therefore, it takes more than just knowing your subject well to be a teacher. It takes creativity to be able to juggle and play all these roles at any one time. It takes creativity to keep the lesson interesting. It takes creativity to teach students. It takes creativity to spark creativity in students. And all of these takes courage to do.

Therefore, as we decide to take on this journey to be future educators in hopes of impacting the lives of all the students we come across, I pray that we all carry the courage and strength to be creative, being the light that our students need.

That's all for today from me, Lee Yuen Ching, your Malaysian blogger. Hope you all have a great rest of the week.

The poster that read "Courage is Creativity" in Kennedy Middle School.
The front of school with a candid shot of one of us.