Exploring the Shopping Scene

We have been staying in our little hogan since we arrived in New Mexico. The location at Sacred Heart retreat center was spectacular in terms of beauty, but exceedingly lacking in terms of modern amenities. Specifically, we had practically nothing in terms of internet. With the two snow days we received on both Thursday and Friday of our first week, we found various ways to entertain ourselves. Along with the assistance of others, I was able to complete four 500-piece puzzles in the matter of a few days. 

After our two snow days, we were ready to get out of Sacred Heart for a day. We spent the majority of Saturday touring various shops and sellers. Our first stop was to Perry Null Trading Co. where we were given a tour of the vault and given a wonderful discount for the merchandise we purchased. Next we toured the flea market of Gallup. We spent over an hour walking around in the snow and mud as we went from stand to stand. I left the market with bags of goodies and a hot cup of Navajo tea. 

From the flea market we drove to Richardson's. We were surrounded by pottery, fetishes, carvings, paintings, and so much more! We were able to go into the rug room and found rugs that were priced at over $17,000! Each rug we saw was hand woven. I was lucky enough to meet a woman selling her rug. She said that the rug only took her two months. The detail in the rug she was speaking of was astounding! I was taken aback by the skill the woman had. Leaving Richardson's we walked the distance to Zuni Traders. We walked around and saw adorable pieces that the Zuni natives had created. Professor Deborah Norland purchased a very large piece of pottery as two of us students purchased some gifts for friends and family back at home. 

We returned to our vehicles and drove to one of our final destination of the day. We arrived at El Rancho and were able to take a tour of the building. Professor Norland has connections and was able to pull strings for us to enter into the Presidential Suite where Ronald Regan had stayed. After touring El Rancho we ended our eventful day with a fantastic dinner at Earl's Family Restaurant. Some of us had the "Navajo taco" which was big enough to feed two. Those that had the Navajo taco were overwhelmed with how large and delicious it was. After dinner, we returned to Sacred Heart in preparation for the next day's adventures! 

As we were finishing checking out, Anna kindly stepped into the photo and posed for a fun picture.
The nicest couple in Gallup, New Mexico!
The Rug Room at Richardson's
The one who hand wove this said it took only two months! What an artist!
The amazing things found at Zuni's
After touring the hotel we needed a minute to sit!
After shopping at Perry's we were all leaving with more than just memories.