Shopping and touring Gallup

As the sun began to rise, we prepared our hearts, minds, soul, and wallets for a day of shopping and touring around Gallup, New Mexico. We ate a hearty breakfast and packed our lunches before heading out to our first destination.

Perry Null’s Trading Co.

We were all in awe at the first sight of Perry’s trading cooperation as it was nothing any of us have ever seen before. The energy and aura of the local’s handy work could be felt the moment we step through the door. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, fetishes (little tokens), rugs, and blankets were spread throughout the whole store. We were given a tour of the whole store and learned that Perry Null’s trading was not only a pawn shop, but also a sort of safety deposit place for the locals to keep all their valuables. After a tour around the whole shop, we were then let loose to do some shopping of our own with a generous discount upon our purchases.

A Wolf’s Duty

Among all the knick-knacks in the store, I finally settled on little wolf fetish which is a symbol for “teacher, pathfinder, sharing of your knowledge and never ending journey”. As future educators, we are wolves that journey through a never ending journey, finding and creating the right path for our future generation while sharing our knowledge.

Fleeing to the Flea Market

Our second stop was to the flea market where we were given another chance to shop. It was admirable that venders still carried on with business as usual despite the bitter cold. We walked around and bought whatever caught our eyes, but the best part of this trip for me was when we were able to talk with one of the Navajo couple who sold handmade clay pots. They told us how he (the husband) would pray and sing songs as he molded his craft and how she (the wife) would do the same as she painted the designs on it. They took so much time and effort for every single piece that they create. They took each piece of art as their own child and before departing from it, they even said a little prayer to it to bless its new owner and to protect its new family.

Like a Potter

We as future educators play a role in molding, crafting, and building our students into good citizens. Like a potter, we make our marks on the lives of all the students that we come across and lead them onto their next phase of life. Like a potter, we also pray that our students will go on with their life, move on, and do well to society and the country.

After a long day of shopping in two other shops, we were ready for dinner. We headed down to a nice restaurant called Earl’s, ate a warm and extremely filling dinner, and headed back to Sacred Heart where we were ready to just relax and get ready for bed for the next day.

That’s all from me, Lee Yuen Ching, your Malaysian blogger for this Jterm blog.

Perry Null's Trading Co.
Wolf Fetish representing teachers
Zuni Traders
Handmade clay pot by Navajo couple