"I'm a Little Chile"

Hello everyone!

My name is Megan Oliver. I am a first-year majoring in elementary education and French with a special ed endorsement. Unfortunately, for the past two days, school has been cancelled due to snow. (We thought we could get away from the snow. Ha!) Even though we would prefer to be in the classroom because we love our students and teachers, we have taken this time to explore Sacred Heart and get to know each other a little better. We have all bonded over how much we want to watch Netflix and how we can’t because of the not-so-good Wifi. We have also played card games, watched some movies, put together puzzles, gone for walks, and have overall enjoyed each other’s company.

The main thing that has kept us busy, well mostly me, are the cats that reside here at Sacred Heart. Their names are Portia and Minny, and they are the sweetest cats you will ever meet. They love to cuddle and they always follow us around when we go on walks. I have taken way more photos of the cats then of the scenery here at Sacred Heart (Oops). I expected Sacred Heart to be wonderful, but the cats definitely make this place even more enjoyable and charming.

Tonight, we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant, Genaro’s Cafe. We all enjoyed it very much and tried lots of new food. One food that we tried, that has been recommended by many of the locals, is the chile. It is a little different than the chili we are used to in the Midwest. You can either choose red or green, green being the spicer option. It is a soup with meat and vegetables, but people often put it on top of their dishes instead of just eating it plain. Overall, everyone liked it, even though some of us thought it was too spicy.

We have enjoyed these relaxing and fun snow days, but I think I can speak for the rest of my classmates by saying we are very excited to be back in the schools again on Monday! Also, we are looking forward to this weekend when we will be exploring Gallup.

On a side note, I hope you understand my punny title now. We have a lot of snow, and we ate some chile. Get it? 

See you soon,


Ellie walking with one of the cats, Portia, at Sacred Heart.
Portia one of the cats that resides at Sacred Heart.
Minny, the other cat that resides at Sacred Heart.
All of us, minus me, at Genaro's Cafe.