We have galloped in to Gallup!

Hello everyone! 

My name is Anna and I'll be one of your blog guru's for our ED 185/215 j-term class. We have finally arrived in Gallup, NM! As the crew gets unpacked and starts our dinner, tuna hotdish, I thought I could update you on our trip thus far. Yesterday morning we hit the road at 5:30am and cruised through Iowa and Missouri, and stopped for the night in Pratt, Kansas. We ate an incredibly tasty dinner at Woody's Bar and Grill in town and cozied up in bed early, since we had another early moring ahead of us. 

This morning we hit the road at 6am after eating a quick continental breakfast and stealing snacks for the road. We passed through the rest of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas before we hit New Mexico. The drive was easy due to our fearless leader, Proffesor Norland. 

Upon arriving we were greeted by a friendly feline named Portia, who as already made a huge impact on our group. One could say it was love at first sight. We will be spending the first part of our trip at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center, located directly outside of Gallup. Our home is a hogan, which is the traditional living space of the Navajo people. The door is always built into the eastern side of the dwelling, facing the sunrise. This symbolizes the importance of the new beginning that every day brings us. 

We look forward to our new beginning here in New Mexico as we head into the schools on Tuesday! 

Talk to you soon, 


Sunset at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center.