On the Journey

Hello world!

This is your friendly blogger, Christen Foster, on my way to New Mexico with the Education 185/215 J-term! I am a sophomore physics major with a mathematics and education minor. I am super excited to be blogging with some wonderful people this month. 

We are a group of eight young women and a gentleman supervised by Professor Debroah Lee Norland. Today we left Luther College at 5:34am and we arrived at our overnight destination in Pratt, Kansas around 4:30pm. Shortly after arriving, we went to dinner at Woody's Sports Bar and Grill, home of the Woody Burger. (Which was excellent!) We are back at our hotel now and we are looking forward to a good nights sleep before we leave tomorrow at 6:00am. We are all very excited to start our experience in schools on Tuesday!

Fingers crossed for good driving weather! 

Your blogger, Christen, and her potato heart.
Dinner with the group at Woody's Bar and Grill