Weekends in San Fran

Boy, what a fun weekend! This was our last weekend on our trip to California and there is no more homework to do besides write a final paper. This meant that we were free to do whatever our heart’s content. As we still had our clipper cards that let us ride an unlimited number of times around San Francisco, I decided to look up some events going on in the area. I found that a comedy club had a ten dollar entry fee to go watch some stand up from locals. I liked the sound of that so I tossed the idea around with a number of others and got a small group of four together.

Friday night we went out to the comedy show and unfortunately it was raining a bit. Getting a little wet, we finally reached the club only to find out that tickets for the stand up comedians had been sold out. The attendant let us know that we could still attend the improv show for twenty dollars. Reluctant to spend more than we had to, we mulled it over and while doing so the attendant decided that we could get in for the price we originally came for, ten dollars! The group that performed were really good and when they asked for a volunteer, I was the first one to raise my hand. The scene that I was going to help out with was one called living scenery. The idea was that the characters could not move themselves without me guiding them. It was a ton of fun!

The next day, Saturday, I decided that I wanted to get out of the house a bit more and enjoy the time that I have in the city. I decided that I would like to go to a tall lookout to see the entire city and also down to the beach to relax. I asked around and Blaise also wanted to go up to Twin Peaks. Walking up there was really difficult with the steep incline. Once at the top, we could see the entire city! We took tons of pictures as we tried to hold our phones still in the massive winds at the top. Coming back down I stopped by Super Duper Burger and got a lunch to go with a chocolate shake and took it back to our flats to scarf down. Then, some other guys and I left to go to the beach. It was a bit difficult to get there as a lot of public transit was delayed due to some road work to prepare for Super Bowl 50. Once we got to the beach it was really nice to throw a frisbee around a bit as well as just sit and watch the waves. I also walked out onto the pier to get some pictures of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Today, we actually visited the Golden Gate Bridge as we went as a large group down to the beach area that we had been yesterday. We rented bikes there and were able to bike all the way up, across, and back on the Golden Gate. It was such a wonderful day to drive as the sky was blue with a few white clouds spotting the sky. Tonight we are going out to eat at a seafood restaurant and I am rather excited to eat some fresh seafood. Tomorrow we are getting up early to leave for the airport. From there we will be landing in Minneapolis around 9:00am. From there, it is J-Break on until class starts up again!