Exploratorium Extravaganza!

We made our way to the Exploratorium on Monday morning for a day of exploration! You may be asking why a bunch of college students wanted to go to a science museum designed for children, but to that I say: You are never too old to explore! We had a blast with the interactive exhibits and team challenges. I think the most amazing thing we saw at the Exploratorium was an orange traffic cone on top of an air pump with a beach ball floating above it. You could angle the cone and increase the amount of airflow, experimenting the limits of the pressures on the ball. I know that sounds ridiculous, but trust me, it was awesome.

After the Exploratorium, most of us went to get lunch at Super Duper Burger, and let me tell you, those burgers were indeed, super-duper.

After lunch we waltzed through a small art fair on one of the streets by the Exploratorium. I ended up speaking with a woman who has been making jewelry for almost 35 years. After speaking with her and exploring her offerings, I bought a pair of pink pearl earrings from her.

Chinatown was not too far from where we were so we decided to make our way over and explore. Lars mentioned a fortune cookie factory, so we stopped there and sampled some pretty yummy cookies. After the fortune cookies, we made our way back to the flats.

We had a group dinner at the flats prepared by yours truly, with the help of Penny, Elena, Blaise, and Jake. I made two types of risotto, salad, and chicken. I think it went over well, seeing as we only had a little bit of salad left over. After dinner we played some cards and just relaxed. It was a really great day, I would even dare to say the perfect way to end the weekend.

Colored shadows at the Exploratorium!
Chinatown, San Francisco