Facebook and Food

Last Friday we had another wonderful opportunity to visit a large tech company. This time we had the privilege of visiting Facebook. When we visited Microsoft and Google their campuses had a very college-like atmosphere. The environment was very relaxed and informal. Stepping into the courtyard at Facebook, however, is more akin to setting foot on Main Street USA at Disney World. This similarity to the Magic Kingdom is no accident, Disney Imagineers played a significant role in designing Facebook's current campus. Their other main office building is just across the street from the main campus, and is just as unique. The entire building is one open space on a single floor. It is so massive that there are maps of the building painted on the walkways to let you know which zone you are in. Each of the five zones is of similar size to an entire floor of Youtube's main engineering building.

Following our tour, Facebook provided us with ice cream from one of the many restaurants that are complementary for their employees. I had a cinnamon caramel in a waffle cone, and it was spectacular! While Facebook's campus is an incredible escape from the outside world, I would actually find it difficult to work there because it so strongly suggests the playful and fun attitude of Disney World.

The following Sunday we were honored to be invited to a Luther alumni event in Atherton. At this brunch we were able to connect with a wonderful assortment of Luther alumni as recent as '09 and as experienced as '55. It was truly inspiring to hear how these alums used their Luther education to make a difference in the world, and gave me great hope for the unknown opportunity the future holds. So until that future is just a little closer, this is the Silicon Valley J-term, signing off.

The red bridge on Facebook's campus was made to represent the Golden Gate Bridge!
"Write something" on the Facebook Wall is a clever way of incorporating the social media website in their offices.