Paideia 450: California

Creative Comments

Aidan Schmitt describes our last business day in San Fran. Let's hear what he has to say!

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"Write something" on the Facebook Wall is a clever way of incorporating the social media website in their offices.

Facebook and Food

Friday, we visited the Facebook headquarters and on Sunday, we attended a Luther College Alumni Brunch. Kirby Olson gives a run down on what to note about those days.

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These bikes are readily available for Google employees to easily move around campus!

Oh my Google!

West coast crew went to the Google and YouTube headquarters! Find out what Jacob Miller has to say about our adventures in the valley.

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We were able to visit the beautiful Santa Clara University twice!


Sergei Hanka describes a summary of Monday, January 11th and his opinions of who we met with. Take a read!

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The group stands with entrepreneur Jon Jenkins of Meld.

Seeing Seattle

Day one in Seattle: a town of innovation, recreation, wealth, and inequality.

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