Welcome to the January 2016 Tanzania blog.

A week from today we will be departing for Tanzania and embarking on our journey to learn about the Maasai and the conflicts of national parks. We will be spending a large majority of our time out in the bush and in areas without reliable internet service. I will try to update the blog whenever I have access to internet, however this may be very infrequently.

About me.

My name is Elizabeth Hovden and I am a senior biology major from Decorah, Iowa. Over the course of my four years at Luther I have discovered the intricacy and complexity of the human body, and I am excited to put my knowledge of biology and passion for helping and caring for others into practice as a future physician’s assistant.

My interest in Tanzania began with a high school composition assignment where I was asked to research, plan, and write an imaginary trip blog. The vibrant red and blue colors of the Maasai shukas intrigued me and prompted me to dive deeper into their culture and customs. I was also fascinated by the African wildlife and its diversity. I researched and learned about the Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and dreamed of a day when I would experience Africa first hand. I am looking forward to spending time in the bush learning about the Maasai and the challenges the national parks movements have had on their culture as well as on the biodiversity of Tanzania.

I look forward to sharing our adventures and academic endeavors with you.

Me on a mountain top in Huancayo, Peru during a festival for Mother Earth.