Lounging in Lochmara

Hello Lochmara!

Friday was mostly a travel day as we headed on a three-hour ferry ride from Wellington to Picton. This ride was long but filled with beautiful sites. Picton lies on the northern tip of the southern island and from there, we took a 30-minute water taxi to our destination, the Lochmara Lodge. The Lochmara Lodge has plenty of activities like a rope swing, glowworms and glow water, kayaking, animal feedings, ziplining, and more.

A couple of us experienced glow worms and glow water. These two things that glow green in the dark! We tried to catch the worms and water on camera, but it was something you have to see in person.

Saturday was our big hike day on the Queen Charlotte Track! The Queen Charlotte Track is a trail that moves through the forest on the South Island where Lochmara sits. This 12.8 mile hike took us five hours, but it was well worth the amazing view from the hilltop view. The thirst was real.

Sunday was a free day for us to adventure out and discover. Some of us participated in the on-site zip line and jumped off the rope swing while others kayaked out into the Lochmara Bay and laid out in the sun. Almost all of us went off the rope swing next to the dock. There were even stingrays while some of us were jumping from the rope swing! That night we had class and touched on the issue of race here in New Zealand. We had a heated discussion on why there is a separate Māori (indigenous) team while referencing articles entitled Māori Sport and Māori in Sport and “The Way New Zealanders Would like to See Themselves”: Reading White Masculinity via Media Coverage of the Death of Sir Peter Blake. During this discussion some people focused on the segregation as being the main issue while others believed it could be a result of the system construction. Furthermore, we dove into how races are portrayed in media coverage or lack there of and how they are critical to the influence of sport.

The weather was spectacular and cooperated with our daily activities. Many of us cannot believe the views that this location has presented which has made the 100% pure New Zealand motto all true. Many of us were discussing that when we pictured New Zealand, we didn’t picture the city life as we experienced in Auckland and Wellington. Rather we pictured the scenery we saw at Lockmara and the surrounding areas. All in all the three nights we spent here were relaxing, beautiful and well worth our stay.

Monday yielded a travel day for us and we could not be more excited to be in this new great location. We are in Dunedin! We arrived late Monday night after a bus, a taxi, and two plane rides and will be here through Friday.


Mā te wā

View from the Queen Charlotte Hiking Trail. Amazing it was!
Another viewpoint from the beautiful hike.
Vantage point from the summit of the mountain on our hike.
Another hike view. Although this hike was long, the views were breath taking and we wanted to stay.
This was towards the beginning of our hike. The foliage and water were just amazing, filled with color and beauty.