Your Zealander Bloggers

Welcome to the 2016 Blog of Communications 239 New Zealand. We hope that you keep up to date with our trip and the activities that we do. Please feel free to contact us with questions or anything you are interested in knowing about the trip. Let us introduce ourselves.

Sarah Ea

Hello! My name is Sarah Ea and I am a senior psychology major and communication studies minor. I am a member of the track and field team, TRIO Leadership Council, and other fun clubs on campus. In my free time, I like to watch movies and eat ice cream. I am excited for our group to explore New Zealand and all it has to offer!

Cody Arndtson

My name is Cody Arndtson and I am a junior at Luther College. I am a first generation student seeking a degree in communication studies and a minor in journalism. When I am not studying I am participating in Collegiate Chorale, Luther College Ballroom & Swing Team, and working at the Career Center as the marketing assistant. I enjoy being busy on campus because it provides me with many great connections as well as keeps me from being bored.

Course Insight

This course will investigate communication and sport in New Zealand with specifically focused on media, history, technology, consumer culture, nation-building, globalization, player-coach relationships, and team/group cohesion. This emphasis will help guide discussions on the relationship of what we are learning to what we are experiencing in our activities and contact with the culture.

We will be travelling to both the North and South islands as part of the trip visiting a total of six different cities including: Auckland, Raglan, Wellington, Lochmara, Dunedin and Queenstown. There are 25 participants on the trip and on behalf of them, Sarah and I hope you experience the trip with us by keeping up to date with this blog series. 

Mā te wā, Until next Time 

Questions? Email us:

Sarah Ea, [email protected]

Cody Arndtson, [email protected]

This summer I went on a camping trip with my uncle to the Badlands. We both got a kick out of this giant mushroom-looking rock, so I had to take a picture with it.
Cody Arndtson