Communication Studies 239

Group holding the Rugby World Cup.

The Final Farewell

With our trip completed, we reflect on our experiences and unforgettable moments in fantastic New Zealand.

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Our view on St. Clair Beach. What a sight however that water was SO COLD!!

The Final Stretch

The final stretch is upon us as we go from Dunedin to Queenstown. Five days and counting.

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Boat in Picton Bay.

Lounging in Lochmara

Lochmara was an excellent time. Far different from the rest of our trip thus far. It was a great time full of relaxation and time together.

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Discussion on the views of Wellington. The town and events created good discussion amongst each of us.

All is well in Wellington

Wellington, on the South tip of the northern island, provided a beautiful setting for different sports and their venues. It was all about food, fun, and fitness.

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Your Zealander Bloggers

Meet your New Zealander bloggers who are ready to capture the thrills and studies New Zealand has to offer. Hop aboard and join us for this month trip as we capture the communication and sport of New Zealand. We hope you travel with us here.

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