A Day Full of Breathtaking Views

We got up bright and early from our beach resort in Barahona and were ready to set off for our destinations for the day, which were to be Hoyo del Pelempito, a fishing village, and the Bahia de las Aguilas. On our way to our first stop, which was the Hoyo del Pelempito, we passed alongside some beautiful landscapes and stopped at Rio Los Patos which our tour guide told us was the shortest river in the world.

Next we made another stop at the Laguna de Oviedo, where we had the opportunity to see some crocodiles and flamingos which was really exciting. On the drive to our next stop, many of us felt like we were off-roading. It was a very bumpy ride, and many of us felt like children again with their need to go to the bathroom. Finally, we arrived at the Hoyo del Pelempito, which had one of the most breathtaking views we had ever seen, words can’t describe and pictures can’t capture what we saw.

After making it safely back to the main road (many of us breathed a sigh of relief), we continued our journey to a fishing village. Once we arrived, we ate at La Cueva. Many of the fishermen had once lived in the cave that was nearby. Our lunch was very yummy and satisfying. Before we had time to digest our meal, we were promptly whisked away in a small motorboat, amidst rough conditions to the most beautiful natural beach in the Dominican Republic. Many people do not go to this beach because it is so remote. There were lots of ooh’s and aah’s on the way there. Upon arrival, some of our classmates enjoyed activities like snorkeling and getting tan on the beach. Overall it was a great day to interact with the beautiful natural resources this great island of the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Our beautiful stop in the morning!
Can you spot the flamingos?
Beach time!!!